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If you are in need of media related services you have come to the right place.  We offer many services from web design to Xbox repair.


The internet could possibly be the best form of advertising.  If you have a website for your business you could let customers know your products, prices, your location (and directions to get there) or anything else you think they should know.  The best thing about it is it is WORLDWIDE. Someone could actually be looking at your site halfway across the world.  Look around the city you live in, all the major companies have websites advertised on their signs.  Now it is your turn to join the web with your own personalized website.  Whether it is a personal site, business site, non-profit site we can do it all.





[February 23, 2007]

Today is our first day online.


[February 28, 2007]

Circle B Construction's site is finished and fully functional.


[April 5, 2007]

My personal community site is finished and ready for visitors.


[May 22, 2007] is now online and ready for visitors. Come check it out.


[June 23, 2007]

My free picture hosting site is up so feel free to upload some pics and hotlink as much as you like.

Click here to start uploading.


[July 29, 2008]

My new pixel ad site is now online and ready for ads. To find out more go to During the intial phase ads will be sold at a very decreased rate. They will increase as I get more customers.




















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